Bridge Design Manual
CADD Manual
The CADD Manual was assembled for the SDDOT office of Road Design by the office of Road Design. It is broken up into chapters. The first chapter contains some general guidelines and naming conventions. The following five chapters are put together with a specific task in mind - Design, ROW, Drafting, Erosion Control, and Traffic. This Manual is not intended to be a training guide or to replace the Reference Guide that comes with InRoads. What we tried to capture were items specific to Road Design procedures or topic that seem to cause confusion. It will be updated as changes occur.
CES User Manual
Drainage Manual
South Dakota Drainage Manual - This manual has been developed to provide guidance to the South Dakota Department of Transportation and consultant personnel performing drainage investigations and preparing hydraulic designs for SDDOT and local projects. The manual is intended to comply with all State and Federal laws, statutes and regulations, and it presents SDDOT criteria, practices and procedures on the hydraulic design of drainage appurtenances.
South Dakota Drainage Manual Revision Request Form and hydraulic data sheets for In-house, Consultant, and Local Government use:

Road Design Manual
SDDOT BlueBeam Manuals
Special Provision Checklist User Manual
Water Quality Enhancement Program Manual
The Water Quality Enhancement Program Design Manual consolidates EPA and DENR regulations, DOT design policies, standards, and recommended procedures to ensure water quality. Some of the recommended procedures and design items shown in this manual are not necessarily the practices of SDDOT, but are acceptable practices and alternatives. Designers and other users will follow the policies, standards, and procedures described in this manual. Updates to the manual will be a continuous and ongoing process, and changes will occur.
Full Manual PDF

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