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Original Aircraft Registration
Original Application for Aircraft Registration Form

Before any aircraft can be licensed by the Department of Transportation, the owner must have satisfied the original registration tax requirement. IF you are new resident of South Dakota, reciprocity of the tax may apply. In general though, a tax of 4% is due based on purchase price of aircraft. Aircraft used for agricultural purposes will be charged 3%.

Reciprocity means that if the plane was purchased in a participating state and has already paid an original registration tax equal to or greater than South Dakota's then you won't have to pay that tax again if you move your primary residence to South Dakota. South Dakota has reciprocity with many States in regards to this tax except for: Alaska, Arizona, Delaware, District of Columbia, Hawaii, Indiana, Maine, Massachusetts, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, New Hampshire, Oregon, & Rhode Island. Owners or lessees of new or used aircraft not previously registered in this state must, within 30 days of operation, register such aircraft with the South Dakota Department of Transportation and pay the original registration tax.

If taxes and penalties are due, registration of the aircraft may not be completed without collection of those fees and taxes.

  • Failure to register an aircraft within 30 days after it is operated in this state: Class 2 Misdemeanor.
  • Failure to pay the original registration tax within 30 days after the aircraft is operated in this state: Class 1 Misdemeanor.
  • Failure to pay the registration tax within ninety days of the due date shall result in a civil penalty of one-half percent of the tax due for each month, or portion of the month, until the tax is paid in accordance with this chapter, not to exceed five percent of the tax due.
Annual Aircraft Registration
Annual Aircraft Registration Form - Fillable PDF file

South Dakota statute SDCL 50-11-9 requires every resident aircraft owner or lessee to register annually. The deadline for annual registration is March 31 each year.

Complete the form as fully and accurately as possible. The calculated fee for Annual Aircraft Registration is based on the schedule below that uses the age and weight class  of your aircraft.

Schedule of Aircraft Annual Registration Fees

WEIGHT CLASS (Max Gross Takeoff WT) AIRCRAFT New - 9 Yrs AIRCRAFT 10 Yrs Plus
0 - 1,500 $ 25.00 $ 12.50
1,501 - 2,000 $ 40.00 $ 20.00
2,001 - 3,000 $ 55.00 $ 27.50
3,001 - 4,000 $ 70.00 $ 35.00
4,001 - 5,000 $ 85.00 $ 42.50
5,001 - 6,000 $ 100.00 $ 50.00
6,001 - 10,000 $ 125.00 $ 62.50
10,001 - 12,499 $ 150.00 $ 75.00
12,500 - 15,000 $ 200.00 $ 100.00
15,001 - and over $ 300.00 $ 150.00

New aircraft in South Dakota pay the annual fees on a pro-rated basis. If aircraft comes to SD after June 30th half of the normal fee is due. After September 30th, one-fourth of the normal fee is due. In all cases, a minimum fee of $10 is required to register an aircraft.

Aircraft Dealers
Aircraft Dealer License

South Dakota Codified Law 50-12 will show all requirements to be an aircraft dealer. Any person desiring to sell more than one aircraft within South Dakota shall apply for an aircraft dealer's license. To be a dealer, that person must possess one or more aircraft under normal registration in addition to at least two other planes for resale purposes. Dealer licenses cost $200 every two years. If a plane is to be used until it is sold (please note restrictions of use under SDCL 50-12-8), the dealer will need a Commercial Use Stamp as well. Each Use Stamp is $100 in addition to the $200 license fee.

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Reasons to file an FAA Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration

    • Before any person or entity may construct or alter any structure within two miles from the nearest boundary of any public airport, the height of which is over ten feet above the elevation of an airport, they must firstdetermine if an FAA form 7460-1 will be required to be filed with the FAA.  If FAA form 7460-1 is required to be filed, and a Determination of No Hazard has been issued by the FAA this Determination will need to be provided to the Aeronautics commission prior to the start of construction.  To determine if a FAA form 7460-1 is required please use this link to the FAA Notice Criteria tool: 
    • Failure to provide a FAA Determination of No Hazard if a Determination to the Aeronautics Commission prior to the start of construction is a Class 1 misdemeanor. [Paraphrased from SDCL 50-9-1 50-9-1]

For more details regarding laws and regulations concerning structures affecting aviation in South Dakota, please refer to South Dakota Codified Laws, Chapter 50-9 (Air Navigation Hazards) and Administrative Rules, Chapter 70:02:03. (Structures Affecting Aviation).

FAA Determination of No Hazard Reporting Process 

  • Please note that South Dakota law has changed regarding Tall Structure Permits, and effective July 1, 2019 South Dakota is no longer issuing them.  The law now requires that FAA Determinations of No Hazard must be provided to the Aeronautics Commission prior to the start of construction.  SDCL 50-9-1 
  • The first step in the process of building any tall structure in South Dakota is to determine if a FAA form 7460-1 needs to be filed with the FAA as outlined in Reasons to File an FAA Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration.  If required, complete the FAA application ('7460-1' Notice of Proposed Construction or Alteration). This may be completed and submitted online to the FAA at .  If you need assistance, please contact Thomas Koch via email or by phone at (605) 773-3764. After 60-90 days, the FAA will post on their website the airspace determination of the structure. 
Once the FAA Determination has been issued please forward them to Thomas Koch via email.  The office will then review the Determination and forward it on to the Aeronautics Commission.  A letter will then be sent to the individual, organization or agency that submitted the FAA Determination stating the date that the commission was notified and then construction can begin.

Reporting Hazards:

Anyone who observes what they believe to be a hazard to aviation is encouraged to report it to our office for investigation. 
  • Airport where hazard was observed
  • Date of the observation
  • Description of the hazard
  • Person reporting the hazard (optional)
  • Address and telephone number (optional)

Airport Heliport License Application - For State permission to use new landing areas (temporary or permanent)
Temporary Use Airfield Application  - For State permission to use new landing areas

Airport Fuel Report - For reporting fuel tax sales

State System Aviation Plan

Website → 

Registrations FAQ's

Where can I find the title for my aircraft?
The Aircraft Owners and Pilots Association (AOPA) has a title search for owners of aircraft. You do not have to be a member of AOPA to use this service, but they do charge a fee. You may contact them at 1-800-654-7400. Or you may go to their web page at
Why do we need to register aircraft and why do I have to register?
Registration of Aircraft, ultralights, homebuilts, experimental, aerial spray aircraft and helicopters are specified in South Dakota Codified Law. Registrations of aircraft revenues are credited to the Aeronautics Trust Fund.
What is the original aircraft registration tax?
An original registration tax is (4) percent, based on the purchase price of the aircraft. However, for the initial registration of aircraft manufactured and used exclusively for agricultural spraying, crop dusting, seeding, fertilizing or defoliating purposes, the tax is (3) percent. The original registration tax of (4) or (3) percent is a one time only. Once the South Dakota tax has been paid it never needs to be paid again no matter how many times the aircraft is sold.
I want to know if an aircraft has ever been previously registered in South Dakota?
Please Contact: 

Rayleen Rageth
What if my aircraft is out of annual? Does it have to be registered?
No, if it is out of annual and will not be flown during the year you do not need to register the aircraft until such time it becomes airworthy.
I just moved to South Dakota or just purchased an aircraft, how long do I have to register?
30 days. You may contact us to have state aircraft registration mailed to you or to download the various types of aircraft registration forms within this aviation home page.

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