Pavement Management

The pavement management unit is responsible for the design and maintenance of SDDOT's pavement management system. This includes collecting, maintaining and analyzing pavement and roadway data for the state highway system. The pavement management unit uses the data to provide pavement condition assessments. These assessments are used for the following tasks:
  • To recommend improvements to the state highway system
  • To recommend improvements to surfacing designs
  • To aid in assessing future financial needs of the state highway system
  • To aid management in future highway improvement strategies

Data Collection
The majority of the data needed by the pavement management system is collected by the Office of Transportation Inventory Management and stored in the Department's Roadway Information System (RIS) SQL database. The pavement management unit is directly responsible for the collection of the visual pavement distress data. The visual pavement distress data is collected annually between May and August utilizing college interns in the summer and full-time staff during the fall. For more information on how the visual distress survey is conducted, please read the Visual Distress Survey Manual.
Data Maintenance
The pavement management unit is accountable for the database management of the database portion of the pavement management system. To aid in the database management, the pavement management unit utilizes software provided by Deighton Associates, LTD. The majority of the database management time is spent amalgamating the data from RIS, the visual distress survey and various other sources for use in data analysis and pavement condition reporting purposes.
Data Analysis
The pavement management unit is directly in charge of the analysis of the pavement condition and roadway data to aid with the recommendation of highway projects for inclusion into the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). To aid in the data analysis, the pavement management unit utilizes software provided by Deighton Associates, LTD. For more details on how this is accomplished, please read the most current Synopsis - August 2023.
Needs Book - Highway Needs & Project Analysis Report

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