Non-state Public Road Inventory

The Non-State Public Road Inventory contains detailed information of physical features for all public roads not part of the State Highway System. This information is updated annually with changes related to construction, maintenance and system changes. The roadway information is necessary to meet reporting needs, support in departmental decision-making, development of the State's certified mileage report and other mileage statistics utilized by state and federal authorities for the purpose of funding allocations and special studies.

Mileage Reports

Mileage reports are available on a county by county basis and updated each June for the previous year.

These reports are based on information acquired through a collaborative effort between the South Dakota Department of Transportation, Northeast Council of Governments, South Eastern Council of Governments, First District Association of Local Governments, Planning and Development District III, and many federal, state, county, township and city government officials with jurisdiction over public roads in South Dakota.

In case of a discrepancy between the report displayed on this web page and the version housed within SDDOT, the version housed within SDDOT will take precedence.
The Rural Road and City Street Mileage report contains the street mileage of the various cities/towns located within each county. Pursuant to SDCL 32-11-4.1 (3), motor vehicle license funds are to be prorated to cities/towns based upon street mileage. This mileage data is provided to you from the files of the SDDOT in an effort to assist in providing for a current and accurate proration of motor vehicle license funds. Your application of this data is optional.

These cities/towns totals include Primary County Highway System roads. No state highway system mileage is included in these totals.


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