Urban Systems

Cities greater than 5,000 in population receive a yearly allotment of federal Surface Transportation Program (STP) funds. These funds are distributed to the cities based on population, with the more populated cities receiving higher allotments. The State pays the matching funds on these projects.

All projects are initiated at the request of the city governments through a resolution and are then placed in the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP). The Urban Systems Section then provides all administrative assistance needed to take the project up through the bid letting. In the case of the 90:10 funding exchange, administrative help is provided through construction also. All projects are designed using city engineering staff or in many cases private consulting services and therefore, the assistance includes retainer contracts for survey, design, and inspection. Other assistance includes environmental coordination, materials requests, surfacing recommendations, inspections, coordinating plan reviews with other offices of expertise, right-of-way documents, estimates, project scoping, and technical presentations.

All aspects of the Urban Systems Section are outlined in the Local Roads Plan.

Forms available for consultants and counties doing work on local roads with the SDDOT are available by clicking on the Forms link in the left hand navigation bar.


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