Bridge Improvement Grants

REMINDER – Preservation & Rehab/Replacement Grant applications are due by January 2, 2021.  Submit by e-mail to Wade Dahl (contact information below).

2021 Grant Awards

2021 Grant Awards

2020 Federal Bridge Grant Awards:

The Bridge Improvement Grant (BIG) program was created by the 2015 legislative session in Senate Bill 1 (SB 1). SB 1 states that in order to be eligible for a BIG grant, a county must impose a wheel tax. In addition, a county must have a County Highway and Bridge Improvement Plan. The plan should detail proposed county highway and bridge improvement projects in the county for the next five years.

The Transportation Commission was tasked with creating Administrative Rules regarding the application process and timelines, the guidelines and criteria for approval of applications, and the distribution of funds from the local BIG fund. The Transportation Commission was also tasked with developing Administrative Rules for the Plans. The rules are to provide the format of the plan and the time by which an update of the plan must be submitted.

Draft rules and guidance documents for the BIG and Plans were developed, reviewed and revised by the Transportation Advisory Council (TAC) which is composed of representatives from townships, towns, cities, Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs), planning districts, American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC), tribes, county commissioners, county highway superintendents and the Local Transportation Assistance Program (LTAP).

SB 1 dedicated $7 million per year for the BIG funds. This money comes from the license plate fees and from non-commercial vehicle fees. In addition, SDDOT will set aside $8 million per year of state gas tax funds, for a total of $15 million available for the BIG grants.

For information regarding the BIG grants or the Plan requirements, please contact:

Doug Kinniburgh
Local Government Assistance


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2020 Grant Awards

2020 Federal Bridge Grant Awards:
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