Utility Coordination

Office of Road Design

Project Scoping/Early Design
In an attempt to avoid unnecessary utility relocation and to design the highway project with the least amount of impact to the existing utilities, early coordination meetings are held with the involved utility Companies. The information gathered is used to help determine the final scope of the project. Value Engineering is used to determine the need to relocate the utility or change the highway design to accommodate the utility. Advanced utility Coordination also provides the Utility Companies the opportunity to plan, budget, and relocate facilities, as necessary, prior to the start of the construction project. Early utility involvement also reduces contractor delays and subsequent claims by either relocating the utility prior to highway construction or by providing the sequencing information on utility relocation or involvement in the construction plans.

Current Bid Letting Schedule
Subsurface Utility Engineering (SUE)
SDDOT utilities SUE on complex projects where the exact location of existing utilities is required to keep utility and landowner impacts to a minimum. SUE also benefits the South Dakota taxpayers, SDDOT, Utility Companies, and their respective customers. SUE involvement is determined in the project scoping process.
FHWA SUE Brochure →
Advanced Utility Coordination and Utility Relocation Estimates & Agreements
  • Notification of utility companies and cities of impending highway construction projects.
  • Authorizing utility preliminary engineering and approving use of consultant engineers for utility engineering.
  • Reviewing and approving cost estimates and relocation plans, negotiating and preparing utility relocation agreements, approving contracted work and coordinating utility relocations and /or installations on highway construction projects.
  • Conduct utility coordination meetings.

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Area Engineer's Office

Construction Coordination
  • Coordinate start of utility work with each utility company.
  • Notify each utility company of the project preconstruction conference.
  • Make sure a utility company obtains a utility permit for any adjustment to be done within the State Right-of-Way.
  • Perform inspections in accordance with the class of inspection recommended by the Utilities Section.
  • Prepare Construction Change Order's
  • Verify the progress billing submitted by the utility for accuracy and proper supporting documentation.
  • Prepare payment voucher.
Utility Permit
As noted in SDCL 31-26-22, the owner of a utility shall submit a utility permit application to the applicable Area Engineer (links to region contacts below) for the installation, relocation and expansion of utility facilities on a state highway within the right of way. An electronic version of the utility permit can be found under the Forms & Documents link.

Region & Area Offices

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Forms & Documents

Utility Forms

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Transportation Utilities Coordinator
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Utilities Coordinator
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