Downloadable Files

The South Dakota Department of Transportation provides the downloadable files web site and its services as a convenience for its customers. Please read the Disclaimer before continuing.

Here are a few notes on the files listed below:
  • All files contained in this page are in English units, except the topogm.cel cell library. The cells in this library can be scaled to reflect English sizes when placed in the Drawing files.
  • The Cell Libraries are for Microstation V8.
  • The Resource files are used by the Office of Road Design for customized linestyles and fonts in Microstation V8.
  • All .docx files are in Word Format and all .xlsx files are in Excel format.
  • It is suggested to read the readme file and rules file for notes and quantities sheets to understand how the files are setup.
  • If you click the filename below and it is opened in your browser instead of asking to "save" or "open" it, you may choose "save as" under "file" to save the file to your local location.
Software used in Road Design

Cell Libraries
Form Letters
MicroStation Resources
InRoads Preferences
InRoads Template Library
InRoads Survey
InRoads Storm & Sanitary
MicroStation Border Files
MicroStation Pen Tables
MicroStation Plot Configuration Files
MicroStation DGN Library
MicroStation DGN Bridge Workspace Library
MicroStation Color Table
MicroStation Seed Files - Road Design
MicroStation Seed Files - Bridge Design
Microstation Base Sheets - Bridge Design
Plan Notes
Plan Sheets
Structure Plans Reference Sheets
Example Primavera Gantt Charts

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