Surfacing section
includes analyzing data, developing typical sections based on type and thickness of pavement layers, materials blends and source availability, life cycle cost analysis, and other factors affecting design and construction of pavements.
Pavement rehabilitation design
includes recommendations for the design of asphalt concrete overlays, design of concrete pavement repairs, asphalt mix & binder type, asphalt mix application rates and other requirements for design and construction.
Asphalt concrete mix designs
includes determining the optimal aggregate blend and asphalt binder content for each project based on the materials and specifications to be used.
Portland cement concrete mix designs
Responsibilities include determining the cementious material, fine and coarse aggregate, concrete additives and water combinations necessary to optimize strength, durability and workability of a concrete pavement. Also, determines and reviews special concrete mixes for particular applications and is involved with the testing and acceptance of the pipe, precast, and prestressed items.
Pavement smoothness testing
Includes verification of the smoothness of newly constructed concrete and asphalt roadways.
Coring of pavements
Includes coring of concrete and asphalt pavements to determine thickness of the surfacing materials.
Technical assistance
Includes providing technical assistance relating to materials problems to field personnel and other governmental entities during design and construction.
Bituminous (liquid asphalt) lab
Includes performing acceptance testing of all liquid asphalt used in construction and maintenance statewide.
Asphalt mix design lab
Includes performing and verifying Contractor submitted asphalt mix designs. Mix designs are performed using Marshall Mix and Superpave Mix Designs Methods.
Concrete lab
Includes performing concrete mix designs, testing of concrete admixtures, and testing of concrete pipe.
Cement lab
Includes performing tests on cement, fly ash, curing compounds and reinforcing steel.
Chemistry lab
Includes conducting periodic inspection and acceptance testing at wood treatment & metal pipe plants, evaluation of traffic paints, and performs other special acceptance tests.
Aggregate lab
Includes performing quality tests on all aggregate samples.
Nuclear calibration lab
Includes gage procurement, calibration and repair.

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Chief Materials & Surfacing Engineer
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