About Certification & Accreditation

Responsibilities include Construction Project Materials Certification, Materials Testing & Inspection Certification program administration, and the Approved Products List.

The project materials Certification and Testing process verifies that materials used to construct projects meet applicable specifications and ascertains that the minimum requirements are fulfilled. We also develop and maintain the testing forms and the Materials Manual, which contains the Department's Testing procedures and Minimum Certification/Testing requirements.

The Materials Testing & Inspection Certification program, includes maintaining the Program Manuals, providing guidance on the requirements of the manual, develop and maintain the database of certified equipment and personnel, and issue the certificates of completion and training cards for everyone who has successfully completed training. We gather input from field personnel, coordinate instructors, and assist in development of training curriculum and assure security of associated testing materials.

We maintain the Approved Products/Certified Suppliers list which is a tabulation of materials that can be used by contractors on construction/maintenance projects without furnishing a Certificate of Compliance.


Kelly Hudecek
Certification & Accreditation Program Administrator
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