Data Analysis

The majority of activities in Planning & Programs involve some type of data analysis. Data needs to be organized, analyzed and conveyed to aid management in decisions concerning the Department's assets.

Some of the data analysis activities of the office not covered elsewhere on the Planning & Programs website include:
  • Backlog & Accruing Highway Needs Estimation
  • Departmental Performance Measures Collection & Tracking
  • Funding Forecasting
  • Highway Numbering
  • Highway System Categorization (DOT Funding Category)
  • Highway System Impact Analysis
  • Legislation Impact Analysis
  • Life Cycle Cost Analysis
  • Urban Boundary Determination
  • User Cost Estimation

Some annually produced data analysis products include:
  • Backlog & Accruing Needs Report
  • Departmental Performance Measures Report
  • Guidelines for Recommended Funds for Type of Improvements
  • Highway Needs Map
  • Highway Systems Map
  • State Highways with Minimal Widths Map


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