Work Zone Awareness

National Work Zone Awareness Week, April 11-15, 2022

Work Zone Safety Training Day - April 11 
National kickoff event - April 12 
Go Orange Day - April 13 
Social media storm - April 14 
Moment of Silence - April 15

Work zones play a critical role in the preservation and enhancement of our nation’s roadways. They separate construction and maintenance activities from traffic, providing a safe route for all road users (motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists) and a safe area for workers.

However, work zone-related changes in traffic patterns and rights of way, combined with the presence of workers, and the frequent movement of work vehicles may lead to crashes, injuries, and fatalities. Through National Work Zone Awareness Week, the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) and its partners hope to bring attention to the critical issue of road user and worker safety in and around work zones. It’s important for everyone to do their part to be safe. 


Work Zone Facts:

In 2019 there were 762 fatal crashes in work zones resulting in 842 deaths across the United States.
For More Information and History on National Work Zone Awareness Week


Billboard Contest:

Each year the SDDOT collaborates with AGC and area contractors to build and maintain South Dakota’s roads and bridges. And, together we also work very hard to keep drivers and workers safe! For several years, we have partnered with AGC to sponsor a work zone awareness billboard design contest in elementary schools across the state. 

Bridgewater/Emery – (Bridgewater/Emery Elementary)
Press Event – Monday, May 9th at 1 p.m. CT
Teacher: Mary Ernster and Student: Kenze Glover
Billboard location: I-90 near mile marker 373 – west facing. Live date:  May 9
SFC Civil Constructors is the billboard sponsor.



Mitchell (Mitchell Christian School)
Press Event – Friday, May 13th at 8:15 a.m. CT
Teacher: Donna DeLine and Student: Brady Mentele  
Billboard location: I-90 near mile marker 346 – east facing. Live date:  May 30
BX-CC is the billboard sponsor.


Pierre – (Kennedy Elementary)
Press Event – Friday, May 13th at 2:30 p.m CT
Teacher: Kristi Zarecky and Student: Tripp Barringer
Billboard location: Highway 83 coming into Fort Pierre – north facing. Live date:  June 6
Jensen Construction and Morris Inc. are the billboard sponsors.


Sioux Falls (St. Lambert Elementary)
Press Event – Thursday, May 19th at 10:20 a.m. CT
Teacher: Tammy Lauer and Students: Charlotte Cooper and Kalley Van Meveren  
Billboard locations: Charlotte: I-29 near mile marker 109 – south facing. Live date:  May 16 and Kalley: I-90 near mile marker 373 – east facing. Live date:  May 9
SFC Civil Constructors is the billboard sponsor.



Rapid City – St. Elizabeth Seton School
Press Event – Monday, May 23rd at 2:30 p.m. MT
Teacher: Delaine Lutz  and Student: Khloe Willits
Billboard location: Sturgis Road. Live date:  May 16
Simon Contractors is the billboard sponsor.

News Article:

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News Stories:

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Keloland - National Work Zone Awareness Week Reminders



Go Orange Day:


Join the SDDOT to advocate for work zone awareness on GO ORANGE DAY on April 13, 2022 by gathering family, co-workers, and friends to wear some favorite orange apparel, take creative photos, and share on social media!

SDDOT Staff Photos:

(SDDOT PE Administration Office)

(SDDOT Secretary Joel Junt and Division Directors, Craig Smith, Kellie Beck, and Mike Behm (R-L)

(SDDOT Division of Secretariat)

(SDDOT Materials and Surfacing)

(SDDOT Road Design Office Pierre, and West River Offices)

(SDDOT Division of Finance, Management, Aeronautics, Rail, Transit)

(SDDOT Training Team)

(SDDOT Right of Way Office)

(SDDOT Communications Team)
(SDDOT Derek Ferwerda)

(Office of Bridge Design)



(Pierre Region and Area Office Staff)

(Mitchell Region Staff)

(Belle Fourche Office from left to right: Larry Cyr, Tige Thorman, Jim Dorfschmidt, Josh McBurnett, Bob Murray & Brenda Butler)
(Operations Support Office)

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