SDDOT Snowplow Naming Contest

2023-2024 SDDOT Named Snowplows Blizzard Bracket Information:

Thank you to everyone who voted in the SDDOT Named Snowplows Blizzard Bracket. We love highlighting the excellent work of our plow operators to keep motorists safe during winter weather conditions.


2023-2024 Name the Snowplow Contest Winners:

Aberdeen Area – Snow Boss
Snow Boss
Submitted by: Mark Krage


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Pictured: Mark Krage and Dom Anglin (SDDOT Lead Highway Maintenance Worker, Ipswich)
Belle Fourche Area – Not My First Snowdeo
Not My First Snowdeo
Submitted by: Merida Smith

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Custer Area - Snow-key the Bear
Snow-key the Bear
Submitted by: Brady Chase - Mr. Chase's 3rd Grade Classroom

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Huron Area - Saltosaurus Rex
Saltosaurus Rex
Submitted by: Lindsay Boomsma 
Mitchell Area - Plow Bunyan
Plow Bunyan
Submitted by: Justus Baxter
Mobridge Area - Snow Crusher
Snow Crusher
Submitted by
: Crystal Sayler

Pierre Area – Blade of Glory
Blade of Glory
Submitted by: Cherie Herrman

Rapid City Area - Scoop! There it is!

Scoop! There it is!
Submitted by: Pete Stevenson

View the full story on KOTA


View the NewsCenter1 Article and Photos Here


 (Click on the image to see additional photos)

Sioux Falls Area - South Da-Snow-Ta
South Da-Snow-Ta
Submitted by: Jenna Welbig

Watertown Area – Frostimus Prime
Frostimus Prime
Submitted by: Chelsea Brink - Mrs. Brink's Advisory at Watertown High School

Winner Area - Clearapathera
Submitted by: Kristie Hemming
Yankton Area - Salt, Rattle, & Roll
Salt, Rattle, & Roll
Submitted by: Michael Benson

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Over the past three winters, the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) engaged with thousands of South Dakotans in Name the Snowplow Contests. Heavy snow and high winds were no match for cleverly named snowplows that efficiently cleared the state’s highway system.

The SDDOT Fourth Annual Snowplow Naming Contest ran through midnight on Thursday, Nov. 30, 2023. 

In December, the SDDOT will announce one officially named snowplow within each of the 12 SDDOT geographic areas.

“The contest engages people across the state with the SDDOT in a creative, yet meaningful way,” said Transportation Secretary Joel Jundt. “Safety on our roadways is our number one priority, and snowplow operation and winter driving awareness are vital to keeping travelers and our employees safe.”

As part of the contest, SDDOT also created snowplow and winter driving weather awareness coloring sheets, crossword puzzles, and word finds for families and classrooms. Materials are available for download below.

For more information about the contest, contact Julie Stevenson, Strategic Communications Coordinator

Kids Activity Packet:


View the Past Winners:

2022-23 Winners

Aberdeen Area – Luke Ice Walker
Luke Ice Walker
Submitted by Tak Lesner - Mrs. Block's 4th Grade in Webster

View the Dakota News Now Story here
Belle Fourche Area – Catch My Drift
Catch My Drift
Submitted by Carmen Hall- 
Lantis Enterprises in Spearfish

From Lantis Enterprises: 

"We have participated for the last three years.  We declare a week “Snowplow Days”.  We have a newsletter each day with information about our in-office contest, snow related puzzles, cartoons, jokes, and some winter driving and safety reminders.  On Thursday we vote for our office favorite, and on Friday our winner receives a “fabulous” prize.  On Friday everyone also gets a gift bag with goodies and other reminders for packing a winter travel bag, with such items as snacks, first aide items, hand wipes, winter travel guide, etc.

This year our winner was Carmen Hall with her “Catch My Drift” suggestion.  We then submit the winning entry on behalf of Lantis Enterprises.  We do encourage our folks to enter the non-winning names also on their own, as we have had some great suggestions.

Thanks again – we always have a blast trying to come up with a name to submit, but this year it was extra fun."

Belle Fourche Beacon News Article

Custer Area - Black Hills Cold Rush
Black Hills Cold Rush
Submitted by Janice Albers
Huron Area - Thawsome
Submitted by Michelle Janke
Mitchell Area – Sleetwood Mac
Sleetwood Mac
Submitted by Logan Patrick

Mobridge Area - Snow Force One
 Snow Force One
Submitted by
 Gavin Silbernagel
Pierre Area – Little Plow on the Prairie

Little Plow on the Prairie
Submitted by Sarah Wellner

DRG News Article

KCCR Radio Article

Rapid City Area - Betty White-Out

Betty White-Out
Submitted by Tayla Irwin

Read the full news story here and view additional photos

Sioux Falls Area - Blizzard Buster - 2023 Blizzard Bracket Champion!

Blizzard Buster
Submitted by 
Christine Wanless


Watertown Area – Snowmagator
Submitted by Tarra White | 
Tiospa Zina Tribal School - Tarra White’s 1st grade classroom
Winner Area - Plowabunga

Submitted by 
Mesa Bartlett
Daughter of Collin Bartlett, Highway Maintenance Worker for the SDDOT in White River


Yankton Area - 605 Polar Express
605 Polar Express
Submitted by 
Jim Lundquist

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2021-22 Winners
Aberdeen Area - Blizzard of Oz
Belle Fourche Area - Mr. Snow Jangles
Mr. Snow Jangles
Submitted by Toni Brumbaugh


Custer Area - Snow Squatch
Snow Squatch
Submitted by Karen Simon


Governor Noem's Honorary Name - Dale

Watertown Area - Governor Noem's Honorary Name - Dale


Click here to Watch the Eye on Kelo Segment


Click here to read the Argus Leader Article

Huron Area - Termiblader
Submitted by: Highmore-Harrold Elementary - 1st Grade Class


Jim Stephenson – (yellow) Lead HMW  – Brad Parmely – HMW  (operator of Termiblader) both out of the Highmore SDDOT Shop

Mitchell Area - Highway Hero
Highway Hero
Submitted by: Melissa Davis

Read the Mitchell Republic News Article about Highway Hero!

What would you name a snowplow? How's 'Highway Hero,' which will soon push powder, scrape ice in Mitchell area

The South Dakota Department of Transportation announced 12 winners of the state's second annual Name the Snowplow contest

Written By: Hunter Dunteman | 1:49 pm, Jan. 5, 2022

A City of Mitchell snow plow clears off a road near Avera Queen of Peace Hospital.

PIERRE, S.D. — Twelve freshly named snowplows will hit the streets this winter, pushing fresh powder aside for travelers in South Dakota to arrive to their destinations safely.

The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) held its second annual Name the Snowplow contest in November, accepting public submissions for state-owned snowplows in 12 different plowing districts across the state.

The contest was designed to engage people across the state with the SDDOT in a fun way while providing safety information to assist the traveling public during winter weather.

“Dale’s legacy is a tribute to all snowplow operators, tow truck drivers, law enforcement officials, and others who work long hours, in tough winter weather conditions, to keep the traveling public safe throughout our state,” Noem said.

Roadway safety is a high priority for the SDDOT, and officials say winter driving and snowplow safety awareness is vital to keeping people safe each and every day.

Melissa Davis, of Mitchell, who submitted the winning name of Highway Hero, focused her entry on the hard work of the SDDOT snowplow operators.

“There are heroes all around us,” Davis said. “I wanted to recognize the hard work and sacrifice that snowplow drivers give every winter. It is true that not all heroes wear capes.”

Part of that sacrifice is heading to work whenever it snows — even if it’s a weekend or holiday, according to Liz Franco, of Elk Point, who submitted the winning name of Thank Me Blader.

“The inspiration behind the submission of Thank Me Blader was my dad, who worked as a snow plow driver for the state,” Franco said. “Snowplow operators serve an essential role in keeping the public safe, having to go out in the worst of driving conditions and on weekends and holidays. It’s a role that does not get as much recognition and thanks as it should.”

Snowplow naming contests, and their adaptations, have taken the internet by storm in recent years, since officials in the United Kingdom opened up for public submissions to name a research vessel.

When voting on submitted names had concluded, Boaty McBoatFace led the polls with over 124,000 votes. Researchers instead opted for the fourth-highest vote-getter, David Attenborough, which only garnered 1,100 votes.

Name-a-snowplow contests have been held in recent years in Colorado, Connecticut, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Vermont and more.

In July, Rapid City adapted the contest to name their garbage trucks, resulting in trash-haulers named Sir Dumps A Lot, Mt. Trashmore, Littler-Gitter and Obi-One-Can-Only.

In SDDOT's 2020-21 competition, Mitchell's snowplow was named Blizzard Wizard, while other SDDOT areas saw snowplows named Thaw Enforcement, Walter the Salter and more.

If SDDOT decides to hold another contest later this year, submissions have traditionally opened in November.

Mobridge Area - Drift Dominator
Drift Dominator
Submitted by: Brandee Fjeldheim
Pierre Area - Snow Problemo
Rapid City Area - West River Shiver

West River Shiver
Submitted by: Ann Eads

Click Here to read the full article

Sioux Falls Area - Quick Thaw McGraw

Quick Thaw McGraw
Submitted by: Linda Nassar

During our next winter storm, Quick Thaw McGraw and operator Doug Boyden will be out keeping I-29 from Sioux Falls to Dell Rapids clear! This route is one that Linda Nasser, who submitted the winning name, drove almost every day in her commute.
This week Linda and her husband Fred came to the Sioux Falls shop to meet their plow.
Linda's creative snowplow name comes with a sentimental tie for Doug and his family. When Doug was only nine years old his older brother tragically passed away at the age of 15. Doug's brother's favorite cartoon was Quick Draw McGraw, so having the opportunity to operate this plow is something he takes great pride in.

Pictured from left to right:
Keith Voegeli – Highway Maintenance Supervisor
Linda Nasser - Contest Winner
Doug Boyden – Snowplow Operator
Fred Nasser – Linda’s Husband
Curt Theisen – Lead Highway Maintenance Worker


Watertown Area - Control/Salt/Delete
Submitted by: Russell Family

Winner Area - Plow Patrol
Plow Patrol
Submitted by: Caysen Newbold


Pictured L-R in Plow Patrol photo #2 are the following: Beth Newbold;  Caysen Newbold, Name the Snowplow Contest winner for Winner Area;  Josh Gullickson, LHMW Murdo Shop; Todd Gullickson, Driver of DT 374; Jim Lolley, Unit 391 Supervisor.

Yankton Area - Thank Me Blader
Thank Me Blader
Submitted by: Liz Franko

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2020-21 Winners
Aberdeen - Darth Blader
Aberdeen  - Darth Blader
Submitted By: Dave Bacon (Aberdeen)
  Darth Blader, Dave Bacon, and Chaz Shuff   Darth Blader Snowplow

Watch the Dakota News Now interview with Dave Bacon, Chaz Shuff, and Darth Blader!

Belle Fourche - Art Deknikker

Belle Fourche  - Art DeKnikker
Submitted By: Family and Friends of Art DeKnikker (Faith/Bison)

art (5)  Art Deknikker (1)  Art Deknikker (2)  Art Deknikker (4)

Watch the Black Hills Fox "Black Hills Back Story" to see Art Deknikker's family and friends explain why they nominated Art for this contest!

Custer - Mt. Plowmore
Custer -  Mt. Plowmore

Mt. Plowmore
Submitted by: Landon Harrod (Edgemont)
Huron - Snow Mater
Huron  - Snow Mater
Submitted by: Jim Bruce (Highmore)
Mitchell - Blizzard Wizard
Mitchell -  Blizzard Wizard
Submitted by: Cordell Davis (Plankinton)

Blizzard Wizard

Read the South Dakota Mail article about Mitchell's Blizzard Wizzard!
Mobridge - Winter Warrior
Mobridge  - Winter Warrior
Submitted by: Marion Goehring (Herreid)


Pictured with Marion:

  • Mark Bates – Lead Highway Maintenance Worker (Herreid)
  • Steve Deibert – Highway Maintenance Worker (Herreid)
  • Dale Weisbeck – Highway Maintenance Worker (Herreid)

"Thanks to the Dept. of Transportation for doing a fun thing in this troubled world." - Marion Goehring
Pierre - Lewis & Clark
Pierre - Lewis & Clark
Named by: Jackie Heier

Lewis and Clark Crew   Lewis and Clark driving

Lewis and Clark with Jackie  Lewis and Clark and Jackie (2)  Lewis and Clark Crew

Watch the NewsCenter story .
Rapid City - Polar Patroller
Rapid City - Polar Patroller
Submitted by: Tiffany Hoff (Rapid)

Read more from KEVN Black Hills FOX.

Watch the KOTA story. 
Sioux Falls - SnowBeGone Kenobi
Sioux Falls - SnowBeGone Kenobi
Submitted by: Shawn Hanson (Sioux Falls)

SnowBeGone Kenobi (2)  SnowBeGone Kenobi (3)  SnowBeGone Kenobi (4)  SnowBeGone Kenobi (5)  SnowBeGone Kenobi (1)

Watertown - Thaw Enforcement
Watertown - Thaw Enforcement
Named By: Robert Innes (Aurora)

Thaw Enforcement Snowplow
Winner - Walter the Salter
Winner - Walter the Salter
Submitted by: Dairy Queen Staff  (Winner)

Walter the Salter (1)

Read the news story from the Winner Advocate.
Yankton - Frosty the Snowplow
Yankton - Frosty the Snowplow
Submitted by: Lily Kroger (Beresford)

Frosty the Snowplow  Lily Kroger
Watch the KELO interview with Lily Kroger, Lyle Norling, and Frosty the Snowplow!

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