Watertown - U.S. Highway 212 from U.S. Highway 81 to 19th Street

Phase Overview Map: 

Detour Maps: 

Project Summary: 

The project will span from US 81 east to just east of 19th St.

Full urban reconstruction project including Grading, Storm Sewer, Curb & Gutter, PCC Pavement, Sidewalk, Permanent Signing, Pavement Marking, Roadway Lighting, and Traffic Signals. Additionally, there are two tied utility projects: a new water main and a new sanitary sewer.  This project will widen the driving lanes by 1’ for safety.

Phase 1 from US 81 to 11th St the entire US212 will be closed to traffic and a detour will be provided.  Phase 2 is from 11th St to 19th St and this portion will be completed with two-way traffic.  

Project Timeline:

Estimated Completion Date: October 28, 2022.

Project Updates: 

Week of April 11, 2022: 
Prep work for the project including setting up signs and the detour route has begun. No exact closure date has been set at this point. 

Week of April 18, 2022: 
The Contractor resumed detour prep work yesterday and will continue today.  Asphalt work is expected Wednesday afternoon and / or Thursday morning including patch work of the detour routes.  US 212 closure from US 81 to 8th Ave will occur after asphalt work is completed.  Surfacing removal is expected to continue into next week and under the roadway, utility work will get started asap after surfacing is removed.  Gas Line utility work off the roadway is expected to start as soon as today.  Detour setup and signing is continuing.

April 19, 2022: A temporary traffic signal has been added today at the intersection of Jensen Ave and US 81.  This signal will help with traffic flow throughout construction. Hwy 212 closure from Hwy 81 to 8th Ave. will occur after asphalt work is completed. Surfacing removal is expected to continue into next week.

Week of April 25, 2022: 
J&J closed US 212 to thru traffic on Monday and continues to complete pavement removals between 6th St E and 8th St E.  US 212 East of 8th St E remains open.  Detour routes have been placed separately for local, business, and truck traffic.  Work has already begun on utilities between 6th St E and 8th St. E.  Storm sewer pipe is being delivered now and placement will start when utility work allows.  Rain looks pretty likely this weekend, but hopefully, that impact can be worked around.

Note the 11th St E / US 212 Intersection has been converted to a 4way stop condition and has incorporated the newly paved Southside Business Detour at 11th St E to aid south side business traffic to get to/from Jensen Ave.  The portable signal setup at Jensen Ave / US 81 Intersection remains in place to control traffic volume entering and existing Jensen Ave.  We continue to adjust traffic controls as needed to accommodate the project.  All traffic is encouraged to follow detours as laid out and obey traffic controls in place.  WPD continues to enforce compliance related to all detour routes.

 Week of May 3, 2022:
Gas Line lowering has been completed on the project between 6th St E and 7th St E.  Storm Sewer placement work has begun and will proceed from west to east between 6th St and 8th St E.  Watermain replacement work will begin starting at 7th St E and will continue all the way to 19th St. E.  J&J will pick up watermain work as they move to the east.  Concrete replacement on EB US 212 and impacted driveways west of 6th St E will begin as soon as underground work is completed.    

Week of May 9, 2022:
Storm Sewer work is proceeding well from 6th St E to 8th St E.  Watermain work will begin from 7th St E to 8th St E late this week or beginning of next depending on rain tonight and/or tomorrow night.  Final backfill is expected today west of 6th St E with surfacing work to follow depending on the weather.  The goal is to complete all work including surfacing west of 6th St E as soon as possible to open that block to local traffic.  The full width surfacing work would then continue thru next week between 6th St E and 7th St E.  Once surfacing has begun the removals will continue moving to the east a block at a time.

Week of May 18, 2022: 

US 212 continues to be closed between 6th St E and 8th St E.  J&J Earthworks should finish watermain work between 7th St and 8th St E today and begin placing the remaining storm sewer connections between 7th St and 8th St E on the north side of US 212.  Concrete Curb and Gutter work is set to begin tomorrow west of 6th St.  Concrete Handwork including Pavement Panels west of 6th St E would be placed on Friday assuming the weather cooperates.  Finish Grading and Base Course placement between 6th St and 7th St E is planned for Thursday / Friday this week depending on rain.  Once mainline paving work begins between 6th St and 7th St E, then additional pavement removals will move east between 8th St and 9th St E.  This move 1 block to the east is projected to occur early to mid next week with good weather.


Project Press Releases:

April 04, 2022


Project Photos: 

Project Contract Amount:

$11.9 Million


Project Contacts: 

Contractor: J&J Earthworks, INC

SDDOT: Bryce Olson (605) 882-5166


PCN: 027D

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