Presho to Reliance - Interstate 90


Project Summary:

This project spans 24.7 miles of Interstate 90 between Presho and Reliance, SD.  

Project work consists of micro milling and Asphalt Concrete Class S resurfacing for all 24.7 miles of the WB lane and 9.2 miles of the EB lane from Presho to just East of Kennebec.  Bridge rehabilitation work will be performed on all structures located within the project in both the EB & WB lanes.  Pipe repair work and updating of the guardrail throughout the project will also be completed.

The majority of the work will be performed utilizing two-way traffic on I90 with some work performed under lane closures.  An overwidth detour will be established on SD248 from Exit 226 to Exit 251 EB & WB.

Project Timeline: 

This is a 5 Phase project in which phases 1,2 and part of phase 4 are scheduled to be completed in the 2022 construction season.  Phase 3, remaining Phase 4 and Phase 5 work is scheduled to be completed in the 2023 construction season.  Construction work on the project will be performed between April 4th and November 4th each season.

Project Press Releases: 

April 25, 2022

Project Updates: 

Completed Work: Installation of delineators for closing the median x-overs along with the newly constructed slip ramps was completed.  Riprap placement was completed on the box culvert just West of Kennebec on SD248.  Backfill of the newly constructed inlet at MRM 231 was completed.  Work began on the replacement of the 15” slotted drains at the 236 and 252 median crossovers.  A WB Passing Lane closure and movable concrete barriers were set up at the 226-structure due to the recent bridge hit and girder and deck damage.

Anticipated work to be completed: The Contractor anticipates completing the new 15” CMP slotted drains at the MRM 236 and 252 crossovers.


Project Photos:

November 2022:
(LtoR: Exit 248 EB on slip ramp closed, MRM 236.2 Median Crossover slotted drain repair, WB 226 Passing Lane closure and barriers)


October 2022: 
(Seed and Mulch 248 slip ramps, Exit 248 EB on slip ramp, MRM 231 WB box culvert inlet replacement)

September 2022: 
(L to R: Two coat epoxy deck seal 251 WB, Exit 235 WB off slip ramp, Exit 248 EB off slip ramp construction)

August 2022:
(L to R: Class S Pavement, Completed MGS Guardrail, Two Coat Epoxy Chip Seal)

July 2022: (L to R: Class HR Ramp EB Exit 235 off ramp, Class HR Pavement Exit 241 Underpass, Class S Paving WB I90 MRM 243)


June 2022: 

Micro-Milling EB Driving Lane MRM 232


WB 248 Bridge Approach/Sleeper Slab Removal


Bridge Deck Milling EB Bridge at MRM 235



May 2022: 

(LtoR: Two-way traffic – 227 to 236 WB lanes, Bridge Rehabilitation – Removal of 248 WB approach slab, Pipe Repairs – Removing/Resetting and Tie Bolts for Pipe End and sections)


Project Contract Amount:

$21.5 Million


Project Contacts: 

Contractor:  Bituminous Paving, Inc Ortonville, MN 56278
Bill Bajari  320-273-2113

 SDDOT: Richard Frazier:  605-842-5896


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