Olivet - U.S. Highway 18 from the James River to U.S. Highway 81


Project Summary: 

The purpose of this project is to widen the shoulders of US18 from Olivet east to US81 with an exception through Menno, as well as replace multiple drainage structures. The existing roadway is 26 feet wide consisting of 12-foot driving lanes and 1-foot shoulders. The goal of this project to is to widen the roadway to 36’ by maintaining 12-foot lanes and extending the shoulders to 6-foot. Mainline surfacing will not be done with this project but is scheduled to begin in 2023 under a different contract.

This project will be completed in three sections:

Section 1 - 437th Avenue to Highway 81: This section will be completed first and is 1.2 miles in length. Work includes full roadway grading, culvert replacements, and removal and reconstruction of a Cast-in-Place Box Culvert. A detour will be used during the completion of this section for a maximum of 40 working days. Road closure began April 4th and is expected to remain closed for approximately 2 months.

Section 2 – From the James River to 428th Avenue: This section will be completed last and is 1.3 miles in length. Work includes full roadway grading and culvert replacements. A detour will be used during the completion of this section for a maximum of 20 working days. The road closure is anticipated to begin in September and is expected to remain closed for approximately 1 month.

Section 3 - From 428th Avenue to 437th Avenue: This section will be completed throughout much of the summer and is 9.8 miles in length. Work includes shoulder widening and culvert replacements. Flaggers and Pilot Car will be used to maintain traffic during its construction. Work is expected to last from June throughout the rest of the summer and fall.

Project Timeline: 

Project Start Date: April 4, 2022

Work will be performed thru late November 2022 with an overall completion date of November 2022.

The roadway will be open to thru traffic during the Winter of 2022/23.

Project Updates: 

May 31, 2023:

May Completed Work: Commercial Asphalt placed thin lifts of asphalt over the pipe crossings and paved the radii of intersecting roads. Dakota Traffic Services then milled in edge line rumbles strips. 

Anticipated Work in June: Minor cleanup work remains including picking up rocks, minor soil shaping, and installing erosion prevention measures. 


May 1, 2023:

Completed Work: Foothills Contracting began shaping the gravel on intersecting roads in preparation for paving the curves next week. All intersecting gravel roads will receive 3” of asphalt around their curves.

Anticipated work in May: Commercial Asphalt, the paving subcontractor, will place a thin lift of asphalt over the areas where culverts were installed under the existing roadway. These areas were left low over winter so an additional 1-2" will be placed on them to bring them up to grade. This will make them slightly higher than then rest of the road, easy to mill smooth when the entire roadway is milled and resurfaced towards the end of this year or next summer. Commercial Asphalt will also pave the curves around intersecting roads and the few asphalt driveways that were removed for construction. 


March 29, 2022

August 9, 2022


Project Photos:

November 2022:

October 2022:
Paving and grading section - primed shoulder widening area

September 2022:
(L to R: Grading section near Olivet, Surfacing over the cattle pass, new cattle pass)

August 2022:

July 2022:
(L to R: New mainline concrete pipe, New shoulders being built, New shoulder and ditch)


June 2022:


Box culvert construction has begun.

Grading work being completed in the east full regrade section.

Shoulder widening operations are ongoing also!

May 2022: 
(LtoR: Building new shoulder, new box culvert, and shaping the new shoulder)

Project Contract Amount:

$9.88 Million


Project Contacts: 

Foothills Contracting, Inc.
PO Box 558
Webster, SD 57274

SDDOT Contact:
Greg Rothschadl, Kevin Heiman, Nathan Schulte 605-661-2424
SDDOT – Yankton Area Office
1306 West 31st Street
Yankton, SD 57078



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