Milbank - S.D. Highway 15 from S.D. Highway 20 to Milbank



Project Summary:

This is a grading and bridge replacement project from SD20 to Milbank.  The grading will reduce no passing zones by lowing hills and raising valleys, and this project will also add a 6’ shoulder to the roadway for safety.  The grading will be completed this year and next year the final asphalt concrete surfacing will be placed. 

This project will be closed to through traffic all summer and a detour will be provided.  

Project Updates: 

July 31, 2023:

Project Completed.


June 30, 2023:

S.D. Highway 15 from S.D. Highway 20 to the south of Milbank has been reopened to traffic as of Friday, June 30, 2023. This portion of S.D. Highway 15 was closed for reconstruction work that included grading, five new box culverts, a steel girder bridge, interim surfacing, permanent signing, and striping.

Motorists are advised that asphalt concrete paving operations are still ongoing and motorists can expect uneven lanes, lane closures, flaggers, and pilot cars. 


June 5, 2023 - June 23, 2023

Getting approaches poured and traffic on bridge.


May 22, 2023 - June 2, 2023

The contractor will begin paving S.D. Highway 15 during this time period. The bridge will not be done but the contractor will work around it until the subcontractor completes the grading in the bridge area. 


April 24, 2023: 

April Completed Work: The contractor completed on 5 miles of grading. Cross and approach pipe has been completed. Bridge crew continues to work on this 166’ Steel Girdered Bridge. Grangaard Const is concentrating on the bridge deck and steel rebar installation. A majority of the project is primed and open to local traffic.  The bridge is closed to traffic and will remain closed all winter. 

  • April 24th – May 5th: Pouring the jersey curves and all concrete will be done.  
  • May 8th – May 19th: Stripping bridge and class B texture painting. 
  • May 22nd – June 2nd: Backfilling and MSE wall and sealing deck.
  • June 5th – June 23rd: Getting approaches poured and traffic on bridge. 

Anticipated work in May: Bridge Backfill and SD15 Overlay. 


 March 24, 2022

Project Photos: 

(Click on the image to see additional photos)

Project Contract Amount:

$10.8 Million


Project Contacts: 

Contractor: Midland Contracting Inc.

SDDOT: Mike Will 605-882-5166



PCN: 05D9

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