Ipswich - U.S. Highway 12

Project Summary:

Modify Intersection, Passing Lanes, Lighting, Approach Slab, Approach Pavement, and Guardrail. This project will be adding passing lanes and additional turn lanes to ease congestion and improve safety. The additional lighting and will also aid with safety. The project will start with the approach slab replacement on the structure 1 mile east of the SD 45 Junction.

Project Study Report

Project Timeline:

The project is scheduled to start April 18, 2022 
The contracted end date is October 29, 2022


Project Press Releases:

April 04, 2022

Project Updates: 

The Contractor began bridgework and a cold milling on April 18, 2022.

April 2022:
Set traffic control, micro-milled asphalt concrete in grading locations, placed new approach/sleeper slabs on EBL structure 23-398-100.

 May 2022: 
Start grade work (unclassified excavation, undercutting, contractor furnished borrow excavation, granular material, pipe extensions/repair), placed new approach/sleeper slabs on WBL structure 23-398-100.


Project Photos:

Bridge Photos (April 2022)


Erosion Control Photo (April 2022)


Mill Operation Photos (April 2022)


Project Contract Amount:

Contract Amount: $13.2 Million

Project Contacts:

Consultant: Todd Goldsmith of KLJ, project contact (605) 845-3125

Contractor: Bituminous Paving of Odessa Minnesota (302)-273-2113

SDDOT: Robert Ward (605) 626-7885


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