Growing the SDDOT Team

Growing the SDDOT Team

To help offset some of the challenges of the current hiring landscape, the SDDOT attempted something a little outside-the-box, informal walk-in interview events. The first event was held in Belle Fourche in April, and they were able to fill two open positions with applicants from the event. Due to the success of the Belle Fourche event, a plan was put into place to conduct similar events across the state.

These events gave potential applicants the ability to discuss great career opportunities with SDDOT Employees in an informal setting. Events were held in SDDOT area offices and shops, where members of the public could attend at a time that worked best for them. Depending on the position that attendees were interested in, they could speak to an SDDOT employee who is currently in that role about the details of the position. If the attendee wanted to submit an application, there were staff members from BHR on-hand to guide them through the online application process.

SDDOT offices in Sioux Falls, Aberdeen, Pierre, Rapid City, Watertown, Brookings, Sisseton, Pierre and Huron have all conducted walk-in events. Sioux Falls and Aberdeen have even hosted two events each in 2022. Depending upon location, the attendance numbers at these events have varied but every event has resulted in one or more successful hires.

The success of these events would have not been possible without the hard work of employees that worked extra hours to help put on great events in their local areas. It’s the personal touch and being able to talk with somebody one-on-one that sets these events apart from others.

The SDDOT will continue to look to innovative ways to stimulate recruiting efforts in a difficult hiring landscape. To view career opportunities in your area, please visit: