Airport Conference

2022 Airports Conference

The conference is for airport managers, finance officers, mayors and other city/county personnel to learn more about how to better run their local airport. Many consultants and aviation vendors will also be in attendance as this conference is a great networking opportunity for everyone. 

The airport conference is held every year in the spring. Below are presentations from previous conferences:

2021 Airport PCI Surveys.pdf

AC 5300-13B Design Standards Update.pptx

AOPA Updates.pdf

Avera Careflight.pptx

AWOS Siting and Maintenance.pptx

FAA ADO OE AAA Update.pptx

FAA ADO Update.pptx

FAA Bipartisan Infrastructure Law Overview.pptx

FAA NOTAM Briefing.pptx

History of Aviation in South Dakota - Robert Orr 1954.pdf

Sanford Airmed.pptx

SD Aeronautics History Trivia.pptx

SD Airports History 2022.pptx

SD Pilots Association Scholarships.pptx

SDDOT State Asphalt Specifications.pptx

SDDOT UAS Program.pptx

Unmanned Aircraft Systems for Airport Planning and Engineering.pdf

Watertown Airport Terminal Design & Construction.pptx

2021 Airports Conference

2021 Airports Conference – Virtual

The 36th Annual Airport Conference will be held via Zoom on March 31 & April 1, 2021,  starting at 1 p.m. CST each day.

If you would like to join the conference, please email with your contact information no later than Friday, March 26, and a link will be sent to you on Monday, March 29.

There will be several speakers presenting over the two day conference including FAA, DOT Staff, Highway Patrol, AOPA, and several consultant engineers.

March 31- April 1, 2021

If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Boehm at 605-773-4430 or via email at


Conference Agenda

Wind Analysis for Airport Planning by Nisbet & Zielike
FAA Regional & DM ADO Update-Anderson & Butler
FAA Regional & DM ADO Update-Keefer
Purchasing Snow Removal Equipment on Contract by Brooke Edgar
AOPA Future in Aviation by Kyle Lewis
FAA Regional & DM ADO Update-Ferry
PCI by Brad Remmich
Highway Patrol Aviation & UAS by Sarah Schumacher
PAPI Siting and Flight Checks by Jake Braunagel

Video Presentations: 

Wednesday, March 31st Presentations
Thursday, April 1st Presentations



2020 Airport Conference - Rapid City

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Jack Dokken
Air, Rail & Transit Program Manager
Thomas Koch
Airport Inspector
Jon Becker
Aeronautics Planning Engineer
Brad Remmich
Airport Construction Specialist
Nancy Hiller
Aeronautics Program Assistant
Rayleen Rageth
Senior Secretary
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