Meade County - U.S. Interstate 90 Exit 37 (Pleasant Valley) to Exit 40 (Tilford)

Exit 37 Reconstruction, Eastbound Interstate 90 Grading and Paving, Commercial Vehicle Electronic Screening System, and New Port of Entry Building.

Exit 37 Reconstruction with new bridge overpass, exit ramps, and realignment of Pleasant Valley Road


  • Replace the aging overpass structure
  • Extend exit ramps for additional capacity
  • Increase safety with reduced skew of Pleasant Valley Road
The port of entry will be closed until the Fall of 2023.

Replacement of the Port of Entry


  • Replace the aging port of entry building.
  • Building improvements to allow for more thorough and sheltered inspections
  • New pavement surfacing and markings to improve site function

Project Summary:

The purpose of this project is to reconstruct the I90 Eastbound lanes from west of Exit 37 (Pleasant Valley Road) to the railroad multi-plate at MRM 38.34 and the westbound on-ramp and eastbound off-ramp at Exit 40 (Tilford) due to the pavement condition. This will also include replacing the interchange at Exit 37 (Pleasant Valley Road - structure# 47-061-480), PCC surfacing, and replacing all the pipe within the project limits under the EB lanes. Additionally, a new Tilford Port of Entry will be constructed including a new building, new parking lot, and new E-Screening infrastructure.


Project Timeline:

Spring 2022 - May 2024

Project Updates:

Dec. 14, 2023:

Tilford, S.D.- Construction of an updated and modernized Port of Entry (POE) facility is complete and operating at full capacity today in the eastbound lane of Interstate 90 at Tilford, South Dakota. The year-long project is a joint venture between the South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) and the South Dakota Highway Patrol (SDHP). Read the full release here


Nov. 17, 2023:

November Completed Work: The Contractors completed the majority of topsoil installation and seeding throughout the project. Grading and paving of Exit 37 Ramps and Pleasant Valley Road continues. Work at the Port of Entry has been completed and the startup for all the new electrical sensors, scales, cameras, and components is underway. Paving of the eastbound off ramp deceleration lane at Exit 40 is complete. Installation of the wildlife fencing continues along the eastbound lanes between Exit 37 and Exit 40. Removal of temporary median crossovers was completed with grading of a new median crossover commencing. 

Anticipated work in DecemberComplete any remaining miscellaneous concrete pours. Complete the installation of the wildlife fence. Continue and possibly finish construction of the new median crossover, weather permitting. Miscellaneous project cleanup. 


Project Photos:

November / December 2022:
(L to R: Asphalt and Concrete Paving on WB I-90, Paving the WB Acceleration Lane at Exit 37, Pouring the Columns of the Center Bent for the new Bridge at Exit 37)


October 2022:
(L to R: Exit 37 Ramp B Prepared for Pavement, Pouring the walls of the box culvert, Port of Entry building footings)

September 2022:

(L to R: Exit 37 Ramp B Grading, Removing a 3-10'x10’ box and Replacing with a 10’x20’ box,  Exit 37 Ramp C Grading)


July 2022: 
(L to R: Exit 37 Ramp B Grading, Pile Driving Exit 37 Bridge Center Bent, Pouring the footing for the Exit 37 Bridge Center Bent)


Project Timeline:

  • Bid Letting – May 4, 2022
  • Pre-Rally 2022
    • Grading work outside of the roadway
    • Temporary Guardrail/Temporary Barrier installation
    • Reconstruct Exit 40 WB on-ramp
      • The ramp will be closed with a detour to Exit 44.
      • Exit 40 Ramp A Detour
    • Begin substructure work for the new overpass bridge at Exit 37
  • No work affecting traffic July 27 – August 14, 2022
  • Post-Rally 2022 – I-90 Westbound Construction
    • Begin work to replace the port of entry
    • Two-way traffic in the EB lanes
    • Perform culvert replacements under the WB lanes
    • Complete box culvert work under the WB lanes
    • Complete commercial vehicle screening system work in the WB lanes
    • Complete the WB On and Off-Ramp at Exit 37
      • WB On-Ramp traffic will be detoured to Exit 40
      • Exit 37 Ramp A Detour
    • Continue structure work at the new Exit 37 overpass bridge.
  • No work is anticipated along the roadway between October 29, 2022, and March 20, 2023
  • Pre-Rally 2023 – I-90 Eastbound Construction
    • Complete the port of entry construction
      • Includes the replacement of the on/off ramps to the port of entry
    • Two-way traffic in the WB lanes
    • Complete all commercial vehicle screening system work in the EB lanes
    • Complete culvert replacements under the EB lanes
    • Complete box culvert work under the EB lanes
    • Grading work for the realignment of Pleasant Valley Road
    • Reconstruct Exit 40 EB Off Ramp
      • Ramp will be closed with a detour to Exit 44.
      • Exit 40 Ramp D Detour
  • No work affecting traffic July 29 – August 13, 2023
  • Post-Rally 2023 – Pleasant Valley Road Construction
    • Demolition of existing Exit 37 bridge
    • Complete the realignment/reconstruction of Pleasant Valley Road
    • Demolition of median crossovers
  • Project Completion October 27, 2023

Project Phasing Maps:

  • Phase 3 (Pre-Rally 2023)
  • Phase 4 (Post-Rally 2022)


 Project Contacts:

Contractor: Complete Concrete, Inc. dba Complete Contracting Solutions

Contract Amount: $35 Million

SDDOT: Jason Baker 605-394-1629


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