McCook County - Interstate 90

Project Summary: 

This project is a 15-mile interstate reconstruction project in the westbound lanes of I90 in McCook County. Two bridges and one box culvert will be removed and replaced, and two other bridges will be resurfaced.
The purpose of the project is to improve the condition of the roadway surfacing and replace bridge structures due to age.

Project Timeline: 

Roadway reconstruction is scheduled to be completed by November 18, 2022, with final striping to occur in the spring of 2023 with completion by June 2023.

Project Detours: 

The overwidth detour will be used for the duration of the project, for both EB and WB I-90 traffic. The WB ramp closure detour will be in place until the ramps at Exit 374 and 364 are surfaced, which is planned for mid-late April.

The westbound Salem rest area will be closed for the duration of the project and is being upgraded by a different contractor. All Interstate 90 traffic will use the eastbound lanes for the duration of the reconstruction. The westbound on- and off-ramps at Exit 368 (Canistota) will be closed for the duration of the reconstruction. Eastbound ramps should be unaffected.

Westbound Ramps Temp Detour:


Overwidth Detour:


Project Press Releases:

March 24, 2022

Project Updates: 

The contractor has removed the guardrail in the Westbound lanes and removed the topsoil on the East end of the project. The contractor has removed the asphalt, concrete and gravel on the East 2 miles and started processing the subgrade. The contractor has also removed the bridge over the West Vermillion River and started construction of the new bridge structure. Temporary on and off-ramps at Exit 364 & 374 were also paved and opened up to traffic.


West Vermillion River:

  • Driving Pile May 10th to May 27th
  • Building Footings and Columns May 19th to June 1st

East Vermillion River:

  • Removing the old structure May 10th to May 17th
  • Building stream crossing May 18th to May 20th

Box Culver 2 miles east of Salem Exit:

  • Setting Traffic Control Barriers May 19th to May 23rd
  • Excavation and placement of foundation May 23rd to June 1st

East End Grading:

  • Continuing to build roadbed from East end and continue west for the next two to three months

Salem Rest Area:

  • Pavement Repair May 19th to June 1st


Project Photos: 


Project Contract Amount:

$37.5 Million

Project Contacts: 

Contractor: Michels Road and Stone, Brownsville, WI

SDDOT: Rick Brandner 605-995-8120


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