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General Information
Transportation Secretary's Message
Table of Contents
Mission and Vision and Core Values
Organization Chart
Management Contacts
Map of SDDOT Regions, Areas, and Maintenance Shops
Transportation Commission
Railroad Board and Railroad Authority
Aeronautics Authority
Participate in Transportation Decisions
Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP)

Highway Fatalities by Year
Fatal Crashes by System
Seat Belt Use in South Dakota

State Budget for Transportation
Federal, State Funds in SDDOT Budget
Highway Construction Costing More
State Highway Fund Revenue Sources
South Dakota Average Annual Federal Formula Funds
Per-Mile Costs of Road Improvements
State Motor Fuel Tax Revenue
State Motor Vehicle 4% Excise Tax Revenue
Motor Fuel Taxes and Fees in the Neighboring States
Selected Gas Tax Statistics
Per-Mile Costs of Winter Maintenance
Winter Material and Total Maintenance Costs
Roadside Maintenance Costs
Pavement, Bridge Maintenance Costs
Interstate Maintenance Totals Per Mile
State Highway Maintenance Totals Per Mile

Highway System Statistics
Highway System Definitions
State Highway Surface Condition Index and Goals
Percentage of System Improved by Year
Excellent, Good, Fair, Poor Asphalt Concrete Roads
The Majority of Roads in South Dakota Are Local
The State System Carries Most of the Traffic
State System Carries Most Heavy-Truck Traffic
Vehicle Miles Traveled, State Highway System
Most State Highways Are Asphalt Concrete
Age of Asphalt Concrete Pavements on State System
Age of Portland Cement Concrete Pavements on State System
Most Local Roads Are Gravel
More Vehicles Are Using State Highways

Economic Impact of Transportation

Majority of South Dakota Intrastate Freight Moves by Truck
Freight Outbound from South Dakota
Bigger Crop Yields, Bigger Impact on Roads
Upper Plains Highest in Truck Through-Traffic


Age of State System Bridges
SDDOT Maintains 1,819 Bridges

Air, Rail, and Transit
Map of S.D. Communities Served by Rural Transit Providers
Rural and Urban Transit Providers
South Dakota Public Transit Ridership
Federal, State, Local Transit Funds
Map of Bicycle Friendly Routes in South Dakota
Aviation Adds Millions to the South Dakota Economy
Airport Improvement Funding in South Dakota
South Dakota Airport Map
South Dakota Rail System
Map of S.D. State-Owned and Privately Owned Rail Lines
South Dakota State Rail Plan
South Dakota State Rail Plan Recommended Projects Map
South Dakota Ethanol Plant and Unit Train Loading Facilities Map

Mission - Vision - Core Values

Why We Exist: To efficiently provide a safe and effective public
transportation system

What Success Looks Like: Better lives through better
transportation by being the best

Principles and Expected Behaviors that Guide our Actions and
Conduct - All employees contribute to providing a high-quality transportation
system by continuously striving to innovate and improve the quality of

High Ethical Standards
Honesty, integrity, respect, and professionalism with our internal
customers, partners, stakeholders, and the public

Innovative, efficient, and accountable use of public resources

Transparent Public Service
Exemplary trustworthy public service with unprecedented access to
information and decision-making processes

Safety in all we do

Inclusive, diverse, innovative, and supportive work culture

Initiate and implement new ideas or methods to create value

Management Contacts

Office of the Secretary

Secretary, Joel Jundt
Human Resources Manager, Heidi Olson
Chief Legal Counsel, Karla Engle
Intelligent Transportation Systems, Dave Huft    
Training Coordinator, Brenda Thomas
(605) 773-5105
(605) 773-6943
(605) 773-3574
(605) 773-3358
(605) 773-2923

Planning and Engineering Divison
Director, Mike Behm
Administration, Joanne Hight
Project Development, Mark Leiferman
Road Design, Scott Rabern
Bridge Design, Steve Johnson
Right of Way, Joel Gengler
Materials and Surfacing, Tanner Fitzke
Inventory Management & Research, Thad Bauer
(605) 773-2078
(605) 773-8149
(605) 773-3285
(605) 773-3433
(605) 773-3285
(605) 773-3746
(605) 773-3401
(605) 773-3278

Operations Divison
Director, Craig Smith
Operations Support, Christina Bennett                      
Internal Services, Chris Ott

Region Engineers
Mitchell, Travis Dressen
Rapid City, Todd Seaman
Pierre, Jason Humphrey
Aberdeen, Mark Peterson
(605) 773-3571
(605) 773-4391
(605) 773-3581

(605) 367-5680
(605) 394-1620
(605) 773-3464
(605) 626-2244

Finance and Management Divison
Director, Kellie Beck
Finance, Patricia Devitt
Strategic Communications Coord. Julie Stevenson
Aviation Services, Ron Hauck
Air, Rail and Transit, Jack Dokken
(605) 773-3265
(605) 773-3265
(605) 773-2898
(605) 773-3434
(605) 773-7045

Transportation Comission

Each year, the South Dakota Transportation Commission approves the Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) which is the list of highway and bridge construction projects for the next four years. The Commission also awards construction contracts and can change speed zones on state highways. The nine members are appointed or reappointed by the Governor for four year terms.

Area 1
Don Roby, Watertown | (605) 753–5720 | Term Ends: April 2025
Lynn Jensen, Arlington | (605) 203–3333 | Term Ends: April 2025

Area 2

Bruce Cull, Yankton | (605) 661–0877 | Term Ends: April 2023
Larry Nelson, Canton | (605) 987–2686 | Term Ends: April 2022
Mike Vehle, Mitchell | (605) 996–5778 | Term Ends: April 2024

Area 3

Kathy Zander, Pierre | (605) 222-0664 | Term Ends: April 2022

Area 4

Jaf Karim, Rapid City | (605) 721–1384 | Term Ends: April 2023
Ron Rosenboom, Sturgis | (605) 347–4467 | Term Ends: April 2024

Railroad Board and Railroad Authority

The South Dakota Railroad Board also serves as the governing members of the South Dakota Railroad Authority. The Railroad Board oversees grant approvals to the Department of Transportation in the matters of operations, management, finance, marketing, and development of the rail service over all properties and facilities acquired, leased, or controlled by the state. The Railroad Authority can acquire property and construct, maintain, and equip railroad facilities as directed by the Legislature.

The seven members are appointed by the Governor for three-year terms and can not have more than five from the same political party. At least one member, in the opinion of the Governor, shall be a person experienced in or having a favorable reputation or skill, knowledge and experience in the following fields: (1) Business management; (2) Operation of railroad service; (3) Private or public finance; (4) Marketing; (5) User of rail service; and, (6) Two members at large.


Jeff Burket
At Large, Spearfish | (605) 210–1501 | Term Ends: October 2023

Greg Carmon
Operation of Rail Service, Brandon | (605) 582–3130 | Term Ends: October 2022

Jerry Cope
A user of Rail Service, Rapid City| (605) 381–1981 | Term Ends: October 2022

Gary Doering
Public or Private Finance, Cavour | (605) 354–1061 | Term Ends: October 2022

Jon Kirby
At Large, Sioux Falls | (605) 370–0100 | Term Ends: October 2022

Jack Nelson
Marketing, Volga| (605) 695–6800 | Term Ends: October 2023

Steve Scharnweber
Business Manager, Pierre| (605) 222–1545 | Term Ends: October 2023

Aeronautics Authority

The South Dakota Aeronautics Commission is comprised of seven members that are appointed or reappointed by the Governor for three-year terms. At least four of the members must have at least one year of practical experience in civil or military aeronautics. The Commission is responsible for the supervision of all civil aeronautical functions in the state as well as allocating funds for the development of a statewide system of airports.


Christopher Funk
Madison | (605) 270–9774 | Term Ends: October 2024

Robert “Bob” Huggins
Sioux Falls | (605) 354–2287 | Term Ends: October 2023

Rolf Johnson
Mina | (605) 229–3859 | Term Ends: October 2024

Dave Luers
Pierre | (605) 222-6337 | Term Ends: October 2022

Kassidy Nelson
Aberdeen | (605) 695–2287 | Term Ends: October 2022

Eric Odenbach
Eureka | (605) 228–3262 | Term Ends: October 2024

Gerald “Jerry” Rieber
Watertown | (615) 880–9750 | Term Ends: October 2022

Participate in Transportation Decisions

-Regular Meetings: Transportation Commission, Aeronautics Commission, Railroad Board, and Railroad Authority meetings are open to the public.

-Transportation Commission: Transportation Commission meetings are held on the fourth Thursday of the month in the Becker-Hansen Building, 700 E. Broadway Ave., Pierre. Agendas and minutes are at Additional meetings are sometimes scheduled to award bids or for special issues.

-Aeronautics Commission: Aeronautics Commission meetings are held on the third Thursday of each month, in the Becker-Hansen Building in Pierre. Aeronautics Commission agendas and minutes are at:

-Railroad Board, Railroad Authority: Railroad Board meetings are held every third Wednesday of each month, in the Becker-Hansen Building in Pierre. Railroad Authority meetings are rare and held as needed. Railroad Board and Authority agendas and minutes are at: 

Questions about the boards or commissions? Contact the Secretary of Transportation Office at (605) 773-5105.

-Statewide Transportation Improvement Program Meetings: South Dakotans can comment on projects planned in their geographic areas at Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) meetings held in July in the four SDDOT Regions and in a live webinar. The STIP is the schedule of SDDOT construction and maintenance projects for the next four years. Go to in early summer for the STIP meeting dates.

-Project Meetings: Open-house meetings are held during the planning process of some road and bridge projects. For the schedule, go to:

Statewide Transportation Improvement Program (STIP) Process



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