Why Navigation Apps Are Not Helpful During Winter Weather Events

Why Navigation Apps Are Not Helpful During Winter Weather Events

The South Dakota Department of Transportation (SDDOT) uses different levels of travel advisories to communicate road conditions and help travelers make informed decisions when winter weather affects the state. One method the SDDOT uses to inform motorists about travel conditions is through and the SD511 mobile app. These traveler information resources help inform motorists of changing road conditions and mark areas that are under travel advisement.

Many motorists plug their travel destination into a navigation app to find the fastest and most efficient route possible. While these navigation apps can be useful, it is best to put them away during winter weather events and turn to and the SD511 mobile app for vital traveler information regarding the latest road conditions.

During winter weather, motorists can become stranded when following their navigation apps around an enforced Interstate closure onto secondary highways and county roads. Most often secondary roadways are in worse driving condition that the closed Interstate during winter weather events. By going around Interstate closure, travelers risk becoming stranded, which puts the motorists’ lives in danger as well as those who must rescue them.

Navigation apps advise drivers to the quickest way to their destination. When the app sees that a road is closed, it does not factor in the reason why, it simply routes drivers around the closure. This can lead to dangerous and sometimes life-threatening situations.

Being prepared is the key to traveling during winter weather. Using and the SD511 mobile app is crucial as they have the most accurate road conditions and levels of travel advisement during winter weather events.