Arlington - U.S. Highway 81

Project Overview and Detour Map:

The detour route for the project is West on US-14 and SD-34 over to SD-25 to detour around the project.

Project Summary:

US Hwy 81 grade raise north of Madison and South of Arlington

The purpose of this project is to reconstruct US-81 through the Twin Lakes to raise the elevation of the road and prevent the road from flooding in future high-water events.  The new road will have 12-foot wide driving lanes, 7 foot wide shoulders, and traffic will be protected by a 3-cable guardrail.

The benefits of this project are that future rain events will not cause the water to over-top the road so that the road will not need to be closed.  3-cable guardrail will replace the current W-beam guardrail and should eliminate some of the snow drifting that has been known to occur through this stretch of road.


Project Timeline:

Construction will begin on April 4, 2022, when the road will be closed to through traffic.  Guardrail removal and installation of new equalizer pipes will begin the week of April 4.  Grading, paving and Guardrail installation will begin after the pipe culvers are substantially complete.

The project completion date is September 28, 2022.


Project Press Releases:

March 28, 2022


Project Updates: 

Removal of the existing w-beam guardrail is complete. Placement of the riprap is close to complete and installation of the equalizer pipes and building of the grade will begin the first week of May.

May 12, 2022:
The equalizer cross pipe installation has been completed.  The contractor is currently completing the shoulder work required to begin placing the gravel required to raise the grade. 


Project Photos:



Project Contract Amount:

$8.47 Million


Project Contacts:

Prime contractor Contact: Wayne Lloyd, Prairie States Trucking Inc.  605-799-5473

SDDOT Contact: Mike Border, Project Engineer 605-367-5680


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